Car Locksmith Tacoma

We’re Car Locksmith Experts

When you’re locked out of your car, you don’t want to have to wait around and go through local locksmiths and hope that one of them has the right tools to get you back on the road. Using an improperly equipped locksmith can cost you extra money, and most will charge you for their time even if they don’t get the job done. Don’t take that risk. Instead, call Guardian Security Group, Inc. As car locksmith specialists in Tacoma, our equipment will see to it that we’ll solve your auto lockout problem quickly and efficiently.

Car locksmith TacomaLost or broken keys?

No problem. Sometimes when you look all over for your keys and can’t find them, they really are lost for good. But don’t despair! With our extensive knowledge and huge selection including OEM and compatible keys, we’re sure to find a replacement that works for you.

  • Have a transponder key? We’re able to find a replacement AND program it for you!
  • We have replacement keys for luxury vehicles like Mercedes, Lexus, Jaguar, and more!
  • Is your smart key broken? If we can’t repair it, we’ll help you find a new one!
  • If you have a backup, we can quickly and easily make a duplicate of your vehicle key.

Prepare yourself ahead of time!

While most people don’t plan on getting locked out of their vehicle, planning ahead by saving the number of an auto locksmith near you can save major headaches if you find yourself stuck outside your car. In the Digital Age, many people don’t prepare ahead of time. But what if you can’t get a signal? And can you tell the difference between legitimate and scam locksmiths? Taking a few moments to save a phone number for an ALOA certified locksmith like us guarantees you’ll find someone that isn’t out to cheat you. 

As your local locksmith, call us and we’ll get there fast

Since we focus on the Tacoma area, we know the region well. We’re able to navigate the streets and know heavy traffic areas and can predict the best route to get to you as soon as possible. Our mobile locksmith team comes to you when you need us and our friendly and helpful. So if you’re locked out and need help fast, remember that Guardian Security Group, Inc. is the key!