Chipped Key Replacement Tacoma

We Do Chipped Key Replacement Too

A transponder key, also known as a Chipped Key, is a key that has a computer chip inside of it. This computer chip sends a message to the engine control unit that tells the unit that it’s okay to start the car. If the message is not received, or an incorrect message is sent from the key (by breaking in or using an imitation key), then the vehicle won’t start. While a great deterrence to criminals, what happens if you lose this special key or it breaks? A standard key replacement isn’t enough. Instead, get in touch with Guardian Security Group, Inc. for chipped key replacement in Tacoma for fast, friendly, reliable locksmith services.

We’ll make sure the replacement is as good as the original

Have an unusual car? Worried that we won’t be able to replace your key? Don’t be! With hundreds of keys in our selection including high-security locks for vehicles like Jaguar and Mercedes, we’re sure to have just what you need. But we do more than simple car keys.Chipped key replacement Tacoma

  • If you have a transponder key, we’ll make sure to pair it to the correct transponder and program and test it.
  • Need a key fob remote while you’re at it? Our experienced auto technicians have a wide variety of choices.
  • We can help program your key to the alarm system if applicable including double and triple press function.


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You don’t have to go to your dealer

If have a backup key and can still drive, you don’t have to go to your dealer. While the dealer should be able to replace your key with one with the proper transponder chip, they often charge an exorbitant amount for their services. And if you have an older vehicle, they may have to order the part from somewhere else at a premium. With over 450 types of keys, we’ll mostly likely already have the OEM or a compatible model in stock, and if not, we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you get the part you need with minimal cost to you.

Instead, choose us for transponder key replacement

As a certified master locksmith, we’ve proven that we’re able to figure out complicated lockout problems and respond appropriately. When it comes to getting you back into your car, we don’t play around. With mobile locksmiths that come to you, we respond quickly so you can get home and put the situation behind you. So call or contact us today and see how we can help!