Safe Sales and Installation Tacoma

Safe Sales and Installation Tacoma

Your Source for Safe Sales and Safe Installation

Guardian Security Group, Inc offers the largest variety of safes in the Puget Sound area. We have a perfect safe for your needs and we offer safe installation services. We have over 2000 sq. ft. of showroom space dedicated entirely to safe sales. We specialize in AMSEC safes and carry more models of th. To aid in your decision visit AMSEC’s site.

Safe Delivery and Installation

We can deliver any safe from our inventory and if needed we can bolt it down securely. Part of the safe installation includes training you on its use, and making sure you are comfortable operating your new safe before we leave it in your hands. The best safes aren’t cheap safes. They are well thought out in form and function, offer enhanced security measures, and cannot be easily removed. We’ll help you to identify and buy a safe that meets your needs and suites your purposes.

Here are the types of safes and options we offer:

    • (UL) Fire safes – 1/2 hour – 1 hour – 2hour
    • (UL) Burglary safes – C rate – TL15 – TL30
    • (BF) Burglary/Fire safe combo
    • Depository/Drop safes
    • Jewelry safes
    • Home safes

      • Gun safes
      • Media safes – Storage of electronic media
      • In-the-Floor safes
      • Under counter safes – Till trim
      • Wall safes
      • Personal safes

Finding the Right Safe to Install

Purchasing the right safe means asking the right questions. Our “real world” way to help that decision along is to help you consider some comparisons.

      • How valuable (in monetary terms) are the items that are to go into the safe?
      • How much trouble would it be to replace the items?
      • Are there items that have sentimental value?
      • Are there items that have legal value? This would be original copies of very important events or transactions.
      • Are the items flammable?
      • How much room do they take?
      • Is there a possibility that you will add items in the future?
      • Our first advice is to buy a larger safe than you think you need.

Safe Sales and Installation Tacoma WAWe advise, if the value is less than $500 to $1000 then an office type fire safe is adequate. These can be purchased at most office supply stores or at many “big box” stores.

We provide complete safe installation throughout Tacoma.

If the value is from $1000 to 10K you should consider a UL or BF type safe. This will typically give you a safe that is a UL rated fire safe and one that is built to withstand a “substantial” burglary attack.

If the value is above $10K then a UL rated burglary safe is appropriate, such as a C rate at the minimum, more suitable is a UL rating of TL15 or TL30. Typically the difference in price of a TL 15 as opposed to a TL30 is very little. We typically recommend a TL30 safe in most cases. Each of these models are available with or without fire protection.

The very worst waste of money is to purchase a safe on price alone. If you decide to purchase a lessor quality safe, why buy a safe at all? The only time you will ever need a safe is when it is under attack by a burglar or fire. It won’t be much of a bargain if it does not perform well at that time. You might as well have left your stuff on the counter.

If you needed to regularly haul 2,000 pounds you wouldn’t buy a 1/2 ton truck just because it was cheaper than the truck that was built to carry that weight would you? Safes are the same way. Selling yourself short now can mean losing your valued possessions later. The right safe helps mitigate that risk.

Keep your valued items secure with a professional safe installation.

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