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"We have been located on South Tacoma Way serving Tacoma and South Puget Sound" - since 1978


Are You Connecting with a Real Local Locksmith in Tacoma?

If you’ve searched theĀ internetĀ for a Tacoma-based locksmith you’ve likely encountered the myriad of “so-called” locksmith companies in the area. Many of those are scams.

When you dial their “local” number, it rings in Florida, Texas etc. to a call center that sells your service call to a local person that is willing to pay the most to them for the referral. That so called $15.00 service call they advertise often balloons to several hundred dollars and depending on the situation even more. We have on occasion responded to calls from Jesse Jones of Kiro TV, to help out victims of these charlatans.

Don’t get scammed. Ask for a business license number and investigate it accordingly.

As of July 24, 2015 it is unlawful to: advertise as a locksmith without the inclusion of the business license number. Scam locksmiths misrepresent where the physical location of the business is in order to use a local telephone number that does not connect locally.
If you have been a victim of one of these scam artists you can file a complaint with the Attorney General Office.

Your locally owned and operated locksmith company since 1978.

Guardian Security Group, Inc started our locksmith business in 1978 at 3820 South Tacoma Way with our goal of 100% complete customer satisfaction. After 11 years of excellent workmanship, we moved to a larger building located at 4530 South Tacoma Way. We then moved to an even larger location 5424 South Tacoma Way in 1997 where we reside now.

This location allows us to have up to 6 vehicles in our buildings work area at one time. We have a secured 45 car parking lot for convenient parking and also for secure pickup and delivery of vehicles when the store is closed.

We can assist with:

We’ve built our company by doing the right thing. That means we’ll never pressure you for unnecessary add-ons or require additional fees after the fact. Our pricing is up front and we let you know immediately if we encounter anything that may cause it to fluctuate. Though some locksmiths may forget we work in a service industry, we never do. Providing you with the best locksmith services means doing right by our customers.

Get quality services, even if it isn’t from us.

You will notice the Logo of our national locksmith association, Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). If you need to get a competing bid or you would like to contact another locksmith in Tacoma, please click on that logo. It will forward you to the ALOA web site where you will find “” The locksmiths listed there are all members in good standing of ALOA. We refer only to ALOA member locksmith Tacoma companies.

Our staff of locksmiths are the very best in the Tacoma area. As the owner of this business since 1978 and being a Certified Master Locksmith, no less would be tolerated.

Jim Rich, CML
Certified Master Locksmith

  • Gwen Terry, Vice President,
    TAPCO Credit Union has used the services of Guardian Security for over 15 years. We have had emergency cases that we could not see our way out of but with the staff and technicians at Guardian, we were able to keep our business going. All staff and technicians are very helpful and professional. They value our business and we value their attention to our needs. We are very fortunate to have Guardian Security provide all of the services that our credit union needs.tapco
    Gwen Terry, Vice President,
    TAPCO Credit Union
  • Renee Crist, Collection Manager,
    At the Lemay-America's Car Museum, our lock and key requirements can pose challenges to most locksmiths as our collection span decades of vehicle manufacture. The staff at Guardian Security are always helpful to us re-creating the keys as needed for the cars. We trust them to duplicate rare and one-only keysets; they have been able to come through for us time and again! We appreciate doing business with a local independent company like Guardian.lemay
    Renee Crist, Collection Manager,
    Lemay - America's Car Museum
  • Brad Stine, Store Director,
    Parker Paint Mfg. has used Guardian Security for over 12 years with excellent results. They are always able to provide timely service and professional results whenever called upon. Their technicians are courteous and knowledgeable and value our relationship.parker