CCTV Tacoma

CCTV Tacoma

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Guardian Security Group, Inc provides security cameras and video surveillance for commercial and industrial applications.  We make CCTV in Tacoma simple.

What would you like to see? From where? When? Would you like to record pictures so you can view them later or at will? In color or black and white? The questions are really just that easy. The applications are almost unending. There are some serious benefits to a video surveillance system.

Benefits of profesionally installed CCTV camera video surveillance.

  • A closed network means greater security. A CCTV system doesn’t require a wireless network. Because it is hardwired it doesn’t share the same security concerns that an IP security camera system does. Don’t take any risks.
  • Complete control of your CCTV security cameras. We’ll help you choose from a wide variety of cameras in order to meet your needs. These can include hidden cameras, IR cameras, night vision cameras, outdoor cameras, and more.
  • Choose guaranteed CCTV installation. CCTV kits are severely limited. An incorrect setup can leave you without the stability you need. That can lead to mis-recordings when you need them most. Don’t risk your business and compromise future evidence. Our technicains professionally install, shield, and test your system for complete funtionality. We’ll show you how to use it to its full potential before we consider the job complete.

Security cameras or video surveillance cameras are like another set of eyes being where you can’t physically be at the moment. Video recorders, either regular or time lapse (security camera VCRs or security camera DVRs), allow you to record many days worth of images, all available for review, documentation, even evidence.

Commercial Security Cameras in Tacoma and the South Sound

CCTV Tacoma WA
A common commercial application would provide an owner of four stores with the ability to view all of his operations from his home or his main store location. This can be accomplished economically using security camera systems. Our systems scale to your needs. You can even view multiples of 48 security camera images at a time and record them. Regardless, CCTV video surveillance adds tremendous value in many different areas. The list of applications for security cameras is endless.

Call today and talk to us about the CCTV security cameras you need. We are happy to provide you with a transparent estimate with no hidden fees! We can make a site visit and make suggestions for the best placement, number, and type of CCTV cameras for your needs and your budget.

Secure your property with a profesionally installed CCTV security system.

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