Auto lockouts in Lakewood

Locked out of your car?

It can happen any number of ways. Maybe you left something in the house and you have a car security system that locks automatically and you closed the door. Maybe you had your hands full with groceries. Or maybe you just left the keys in the car and have no idea why. Whatever the reason, when you have auto lockouts in Lakewood, call up Guardian Security Group, Inc. We’ll make sure to get to you fast so you can put the situation behind you.

Don't try to get into your locked car yourself!

Breaking into your car can cause much more trouble than it’s worth. You could cause irreversible damage to your locking system or window and have to get a costly replacement. And, even though it’s your vehicle, onlookers might not know that and could cause you a huge, avoidable headache if you have to explain the situation to the police!

Our auto locksmiths can help with any vehicle

Cars can be very complicated. Certain makes and models have their quirks, and our local locksmiths are ready for any of them.

  • Worried about damage to your vehicle? Our qualified locksmiths are careful not to hurt your car.
  • Have a security system with an ignition shutoff? We’ll make sure your car is running again before we go.
  • Do you have a luxury vehicle with a transponder key? We know how to get into those types too!
Always check the business license number! Many scammers take advantage of vulnerable people by pretending to be locksmiths. Always check that a locksmith has a UBI Number as well as local phone number. We recommend keeping the number of a quality local locksmith like us in your phone in case of a lockout emergency.


Choose us for any kind of lockout

While auto lockouts are one of our specialties, they aren’t all we can handle. We can also help get you new keys and fobs for your car, truck, or SUV, and help with residential lockouts and lock changes as well. So whether you’re locked out of your car, your house, or both at the same time, give us a call right away and our mobile locksmiths will get to you as quick as they can!